Top Ideas For an Inner City Barbeque

Late spring signals the arrival of barbeque season. It’s that time of year when you can’t seem to escape the mouthwatering smell of grilled burgers wherever you go as people are going barbeque-crazy, making the most of the weather. You might think it’s more difficult to get a barbeque organised in the city than out in the suburbs or countryside, but actually you have a fair few options for getting your dinner cooked to perfection on a grill that are quite easy to get sorted.

Windowsill Barbeques

True barbeque connoisseurs might look down on this and deem it unauthentic, but setting up an electric barbeque on your windowsill is an excellent way of getting your dose of grilled goods. It’s the perfect option for those living in flats without access to a garden or a balcony.

Electric grills come in various shapes and sizes but generally don’t cost the earth. Before making your purchase be sure to measure your windowsill to see what size it can accommodate. Also, ensure that the surface is fire resistant or that the grill won’t touch or affect it even at a distance.

While you might think it’s great to have cooking odours drifting in through the window, you might want to check with your neighbours whether they don’t mind, particularly if the space between windows is very confined.

A Park Barbeque

Park barbeques are easy to organise as all you need is a disposable or portable barbeque. Just make sure the park regulations allow you to grill as in some places this is forbidden due to potential fire hazards and damage that can be caused to grass. For this reason many parks have specific areas set aside for barbeques that are often tarmacked and may have picnic tables and bins provided for your comfort.

In some countries like Australia, you can even find permanent barbeques at the park that work on a first come first served basis and just require you to bring your own coal and lighter equipment.

A Community Barbeque

So you live in an apartment complex or cul-de-sac with access to a common garden? Or is your home situated in an area with a village green? A barbeque can be a great way of socialising with your neighbours. It’s a type of event that will appeal to all age groups that’s great for communities of mixed generations who might otherwise struggle to find appropriate occasions and activities for spending time together.

In small communities, you can get away with using simple coal-powered barbeques. It’s likely that someone has one you could borrow or, alternatively, you can all chip in to purchase one together from the local garden centre or homeware shop.

For bigger get-togethers like those on a village green, you may want to hire equipment that’s more durable and can handle larger amounts of food. If you’re really looking to splurge, you can hire a professional caterer to take care of feeding the crowds who’ll bring their own barbeque and even a portable power generator if necessary, as commercial grills are often powered by electricity not coal or gas. Refrigeration devices will also make use of this as it’s important to keep foods chilled for health and safety purposes.

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