Diet And Delinquency

Delinquency and diet have very close relationship and (Eagleton 1893), suggested that by cooking and taking proper diet can prevent crime in a very high rate. It has been noted that many children especially those who are in adolescent age, have a problem of social in adaptation. This problem has posed a great concern to parents, educators and leaders of youth organization.

The importance of understanding today’s youth behaviors, has to be examined objectively and aggressively be studied. Schools play a very important role especially when they are providing moral guidance. Since it has been noted that diet is connected to the cause of delinquency, it is necessary for the school to provide proper diet for all children so that they can get all types of food compliment. The number of years that a child spends in school exerts a great influence on the child’s future life.

It has been noted that children who join school at an early age have opportunity for great prevention from delinquency. It has been noted that the type of food that is given to children influences their social behaviors and can influence them to crime and violence. It is school responsibility to provide children with the right food and government should take much responsibility in providing adequate resources towards the same. The researchers’ has indentified primary syndromes that leads into delinquency; cerebral allergies, hypoglycaemia, minimal brain dysfunction, environmental contaminants etc.  The food that is supposed to be taken must be very low in glucose, must be rich in vitamins and minerals. Hypoglycemia – induced by a diet which is high in sugar and/or refined carbohydrates – may account for the largest proportion of antisocial behavior which can be controlled by diet.

Food is therefore a determinant of whether one can be subjected to crime or violence in future; it is therefore important to watch on the food that we give to our children in schools and at home.

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